“Take The First Step” Package

The MindMaps “Take the first step” Package was designed for individuals or small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to make full use of the Internet by proving you with a cost-effective solution to get an Internet presence that:

  • Can deliver your Website / Blogsite with initial content in double quick time;
  • Is very cost effective;
  • Places you in full control of future management of the content of the site;
  • Lays the foundation to integrate with social media and social networking.

Take the first step now by simply completeing this questionnaire to enable us to formulate a proposal and cost estimate for you (no cost involved), or read more below.

What MindMaps will do for you

A. Acquire the domain name together with a hosting service;

B. Work with you to create and enter the initial content for your Blogsite;

C. Work out a plan with you to ensure that the website gets the right kind of traffic.

The process is simple and seamless

Stage I

Step 1 – Complete and send the Website RFP (Request for Proposal) questionnaire on our website or online here.

Step 2 – Send us more information by email (Optional)

Stage II

On receipt of your email we will immediately assess your needs and send a reply email indicating:

a. What we recommend you should do;

b. What the process and time line will probably be;

c. What the estimated cost will be to achieve the above.

Stage III

When you receive our email reply there will be an attachment whereby you can place an order, with cost indications and payment instructions.

Once you have sent that back to us and we have received proof of payment as per the order, we will proceed to Stage IV – Making it happen!

To do now

1. Simply complete and submit this online form – click here. If you first want to review the questions, you can view them here.

2. Click the email icon below to send us additional information (optional).

Email Us
Email Us

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