Master maths basics with us

We are EduMaps ZA, a Business Unit of MindMaps ZA

Our job is to get those millions of kids who are struggling with maths to not only get to grips with the essential basics of maths but to go on to excel!

Our Programme

The EduMaps “Back to Basics” Maths Programmes spans over 60 short lessons that will cover the essentials of maths. Each lesson is backed by assessments to ensure that our learners have mastered the basics.

For more information about how learners benefit from our world-class programme visit the overview page.

Our Methodology – Guided Programme

The Programme is a guided programme which means you will be guided step-by-step through all 60 lessons.

“Back to Basics” Math Programme A


Billed in three payments of R200 each

“Back to Basics” Math Programme B


Billed upfront

“Back to Basics” Math Programme C


Per Learner for two or more Learners per family


Founded by Rian Malan after inspiration from granddaughter Zoe.

Do you have questions about our “Back to Basics” Maths Programme?

+27 83 885-1660 (WhatsApp)

Gordon’s Bay, South Africa

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