“Back to Basics”

Dear EduMaps Parent


Thank you for having taken this step to support your child or a learner who is struggling with maths in his or her early school stage despite performing to satisfaction in other subjects.

We want to ensure you that there is nothing wrong with your child!

The phenomenon of poor performance in maths is a global one as can be seen in many public statements by educationalists around the globe.

Extensive research by EduMaps has led to the conclusion that this STRUGGLE with maths is primarily due to the fact that learners somewhere along the way missed out on some key fundamentals or basics of maths.

This problem can be fixed and the Edumaps “Back to Basics” Maths Programme (The Programme) has been designed to do exactly that.

The Programme is not another attempt to set up yet another online maths system. There are many hundreds of those around and despite that 60% or more of kids are still struggling with maths.

The Programme is also not a curriculum based course. Our kids have excellent handbooks, worksheets and are tutored 1-on-1 by teachers and despite that 60% or more of kids are still struggling with maths.

The Programme IS a very focused and guided programme to equip kids who have ’skipped’ or ‘lost out’ on the fundamentals of maths with those fundamentals.

The problem can be compared to a house without a foundation. At some stage that house will crumble. We have to lay the foundation before it is too late.

Maths should be relatively easy for anybody and everybody. 

  • If you can add 9+8, you should be able to add 9,765,387 + 710,745 just as easily.
  • If you can multiply 9×12, you should be able to multiply 912,789 x 689 just as easily.

The Programme consists of 60 short and guided Lessons over a three month period.

You will not be referred to a website and then left on your own to try and figure it out. We know that you are very busy to make ends meet and really don’t want to now become a maths teacher because your kid is struggling.

The Programme establishes the missing foundation by really getting “back to basics” with lessons on the following:

  • The number system and the principle of place values
  • The 12x Tables – a huge focus of The Programme that in 90% of cases fixes the problem of poor performance
  • The math operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Fractions, percentages and ratios

Although the Programme has been designed to require 10-15 minutes per day for 5-days per week over 12 weeks, the learner can change the pace according to his/her ability to get 100% to grips with the learning of each lesson.

Most of the Edumaps learners have spent two to five years trying to get to grip with maths and we believe our ‘back to basics’ / bridging / catch up Programme is a small sacrifice to once-and-for-all remove the hindrances or obstacles standing in the way of good performance in maths by everybody.


Once you have subscribed and payment has been received you will receive the first email with detailed instructions including:

  • An overview of the full Programme,
  • A copy of the slides that form the basis of the next Lesson. This will also include a very short review of the previous Lesson,
  • Links to a video or videos that further explain the self-explanatory Lesson for the day,
  • A Worksheet that the learner must complete – the Worksheets also form the basis of assessment,
  • An overview of the next Lesson and guidelines to prepare for it.

On completion of each Lesson the parent or sponsor will need to confirm completion by following a link in the email. This will spark the release of the next email and pack for the next Lesson.


EduMaps is so comfortable about the value of its Programme that it offers a “Money Back Guarantee” if any Grade 3 – 7 learner who has completed The Programme fails maths at the end of an academic year!

(Click on the slides to view)

Enroll now and start mastering maths

12x Tables

Basic Math Operations

Let’s build something together.

We need you!

EduMaps has a mission to raise the standards of math knowledge and skills substantially globally. To do that we need funding and your support.

You can help and it is easy – just go here and use your email as Reference.

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