EduMaps is a Division of MindMaps ZA that focus on the development of a very focused education programme, the “Back to Basics” Maths Programme.

MinddMaps ZA

MindMaps ZA is a business and marketing consultancy specialising in business, marketing and Internet services driven from a business point of view – NOT by technology.

Who are we servicing?

The SME market. That is, the small to medium sized enterprises, who know they must get on Net. Many of them, however,  don’t know how or are frightened away by the technical challenges.

What is our offer?

Empowerment. Single mindedly and summed up in one word our offer to the SME market is EMPOWERMENT. Mindmaps ZA will empower you to take charge of your Net presence and to create more sales. That is the bottom line. We will help you to set up an Internet presence that is fully under your control, and that will increase your sales. Period.

How will we do that?

We will help you to get the basics right. There are actually just a very few things that you must get right in order for your investment on Online Marketing to work towards increased sales.

A few basics.

With these in place, you / we can add the bells and whistles later. But lets get the basics right. A web site, blog site, Client E-mail Opt-in, Email campaigns, Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter link. Then we can move on to the “fancy stuff”.

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